State Bonds

State and county bail bonds are the most common type of bail bond. These are the bail bonds most people inquire about. These types of bail bonds are also know as court bonds and appearance bonds. Simply put these are the bail bonds that 99% of all Florida bondsmen write. The premium for state or county bail bonds is 10%, which is standard in Florida, and nonnegotiable. In a state or county court of law, the defendant charged with a criminal offense is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Anyone who is accused of a crime may post bail to retain his/her freedom until their case is adjudicated by the court, unless they are charged with a “non-bondable offense.” Non-bondable offenses are capital crimes, like murder, life felonies, and felonies punishable by life imprisonment. If someone is charged with a nonbondable offense, a special hearing called an “Arthur Hearing” will have to be held before a defendant can be given a bond.

In some cases, the judge may set a “Nebbia Requirement” just like in federal court. The process is virtually identical to the federal court process which you can read about here.

Bail Bond Basics

If you are facing criminal charges or an additional Nebbia requirement, Faroy Bail Bonds in Florida can help. We thoroughly prepare Nebbia Proffers and hearing materials documenting the sources used to underwrite bonds, and can help your attorney prepare for Nebbia proceedings. Our office is dedicated to expediting your release and helping you move on with your life.

Some cases require a “Nebbia proffer,” which is designed to show that the payment and collateral are derived from legitimate sources, not criminal activity. Bail bond agents analyze financial assets and show the origin of the funds through documentary evidence. A Nebbia hearing may be necessary if the prosecutor does not accept the proffer. Bail bondsmen are the only means of ensuring that the source of payment remains confidential. Because handling multiple courts, jails, and officials can get tricky, bond agencies must be well-versed in all aspects of the process.

Posting Bail Successfully

If you are detained or need to secure a loved one’s release, Faroy bail can help. We are an established licensed agency providing prompt, professional service in Miami-Dade County, and throughout Florida. Our agents know that you have to get back to your family and return to work. That is why we are dedicated to expediting your release and restoring your freedom. Call 305-642-1986for a free consultation or contact us online.