Emilio Went Above and Beyond To Help Me

Here is a review for Miami Bail Bondsman Emilio Faroy from another happy bail bond client via the Faroy Bail Bonds Google Reviews service:

“If a ten-star review was even possible that’s what Faroy Bailbondsman would be receiving because that is what is deserved after the great experience I just had!

Searching for a dependable bail bondsman is stressful enough but trying to locate one during this pandemic was nearly impossible. Luckily, I was able to get a hold of Faroy bail bondsman (Emilio). Unfortunately, after speaking with Emilio I was informed that my loved one was being held without a bond. In my experience and trust me there is a long history of it, most bail bondsman would not have continued to provide their services to you. Thankfully, Emilio went above and beyond to help me. EVERY SINGLE TIME I called Emilio was there to answer the phone and assist me with every complication I ran into, even during the late-night hours when all the other bonds man was obviously sleeping. Not only was he there to assist me every single time, but he also provided me with 3-4 options of dependable attorneys. Thankfully, I had the option to choose one of the best dependable, well known lawyers in all of Miami Dade county.

As my loved one sat in jail, he had no idea that he was even going to have a lawyer present during the bond hearing. This lawyer was so accomplished and well known that in the middle of the bond hearing the Judge stopped to tell my loved, “I do not know who you know or how you pulled this off in such a short amount of time, but you have the best f**king lawyer in all of Miami Dade county, if you want to make it through this I suggest you listen to every f**king thing this man says Mr. *********!”

As I am writing this review, I just received another call from Emilio. He was calling to inform me that my loved one was already being processed for release. Needless to say, my trouble loved one was in and out of jail in less than 20 hours after being arrested on a NO BOND charge ALL THANKS to Emilio. Working with Emilio, I never felt like a client! This man made me feel like I was family and for that reason you are now on the top of my Christmas list! All though, that is not enough to express the gratitude I have for you. There are no words that I can say that will ever thank you enough! THANKS, MY BROTHER!!” – Dr. Jaimie Sobko

The response from Faroy Bail Bondsman Emilio Faroy:

“All I can say Dr. Sobko is WOW ????, by far these are the most amazing words anyone has ever said about my services, I really don’t know how else to respond other than when you go above and beyond the Universe responds the same way back. Good luck to you and your loved one and a very positive resolution to their situation.” – Emilio Faroy

We love to help people in need. That is a one reason Faroy Bail Bonds has the most five star positive reviews of Miami bail bond firms on Google Reviews. Call us for caring, compassionate service and assistance when you need to bail yourself or someone else out of jail. We are ready to help you 24 hours a day, every day.

Emilio Faroy, founder and owner of Faroy Bail, Inc., is a licensed bail bondsman with over 30 years of bail bonds experience. Faroy is a member of the American Bail Agents Coalition, the Professional Bail Agents of The United States, and the Florida Bail Agents Association. Faroy Bail is an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau of Southeast Florida. Emilio Faroy is licensed as a Florida Bail Bondsman by the Florida Department Of Financial Services, under State Of Florida Bail Bond License # A081130.

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