Bail Bonds FAQs

Q: How do I bail or bond someone out of jail?

There are two ways to post a bond:

Cash bonds: The total face amount of the bond, in cash or cashiers check, is placed with the county to guarantee the arrestee will appear in court for their hearing. Should the defendant fail to appear, the bond money is forfeited. In the case of a not guilty verdict be rendered or the case be dismissed, or at the conclusion of trial proceedings, bond money will be refunded. If a judge so orders, any court costs or court fines will be taken out of the posted bond. Once the case is disposed of, the remaining funds will be refunded. Refunds on cash bonds are processed at the county Clerk of Court’s office. NOTE: Cash or a cashiers check are the only accepted methods of payment for cash bonds.

Surety bonds: (bail bondsman) A bail bonding agency posts a bond that guarantees an arrestee will appear at their court date. Neither the county jail nor the sheriffs office participates in the contract between a defendant / arrestee and the bonding company. The bail bonding company charges a fee for each bond posted of 10%.

Q: How long does bail take?

After the bail amount is set and the paperwork is completed, our bonding agent will post the bond with the jail or court officer. Then the formal release process begins, this can take several hours to be completed. This wait is unavoidable. However, most detentions facilities will release the defendant within a few hours.

Q: What is collateral?

Bail bonds are like a loan. A bond guarantee’s the appearance of the accused on all his or her court dates. As such we are sometimes required to have collateral guaranteeing the loan. In most cases a signature is all that is required by you personally promising to have the defendant in court as required or pay us the full bond amount in the rare event of a breach. On larger bonds we may request collateral. We accept many different kinds of security, the most common kind is real estate, like a home or land.

All collateral is returned to you at the end of the court case.

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